BAC Mono. Recordbreaker at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The worlds only street legal formulacar. 

We visited Silverstone to try it out. But before we talk about the experience, let us give you some fact and figures... 


Weight: 580kg (Dry weight and subject to options)
Power to weight: 525 bhp per tonne
Maximum speed: 170 mph (275 km/h)
0-100 km/h: 2.8 secs
Enginetype: Normally aspirated, structurally mounted, 2488 cc, 4 cylinder
Maximum power: 305 bhp
Maximum torque: 308 Nm


We arrived to Silverstone on monday morning, and surprisingly it was actually sunny. When arriving to box nr 6c, we met up with the guys from BAC. In total there were 8 cars. Even thou there were a lot of supercars, the Mono were the one that stood out! 

Factorydriver Oliver James Webb made the introduction (follow Oliver on Instagram: . Oliver races in Le Mans 24h and many of the hi level GT-races around the globe. 

Coming to the car then. First impressions of the BAC Mono is the attention of details. Everything from the Formula 1-style steeringwheel to the moulded seat, the pouches for your phone and stitching. Everything is at the highest level of what to expect of this unique piece of art. 

When getting behind the steering wheel, you start the car on the big Mono-labeled button in the center of the steeringwheel. When you fire the engine up, you emedeiatelly feel the vibrations, as the part of your body. 

Well on track, you can feel the preciseness of a formula-car, but slightly more soft in the chassis. That gives the BAC Mono a more easy to handle-feeling, without comprimising the cornering performance of the street-tyres.. The power is more than enough. The Mono manages well to keep up to pace with very powerful GT-cars in a straight line. 

Mainly all BAC Monos run on street legal tyres, since every owner uses their car on the road, to and from the track. But when takling performances, this car will be extremely quick with a slick-tyre. It has been tested and lap-times were even as quick as a GT3-car. We therefore hope to see more BAC Monos with slick-tyres. But it really isn't needed.  

 If you wanna get your hands on a car, you should really get in contact with BAC. Delivery is about 5 months away. A total of 89 cars have been built. That also means that you will join an awesome community of enthusiasts, and a very rare one as well. 

So to answer the question, is it the greaest car of times? Well, it is maybe not the most comfortable car, but it is the quickest car, that steals all the attention from everybody else...  

Please see thE interview below with fouNder Neill Briggs.